Firstly, the IP Address to prove that Steven accessed the wallet from the USA is absolute nonsense. A CoinGate wallet cannot be accessed from the USA. If by some miracle the elusive “Steven Twain” was using a VPN to access this wallet, the proof that Cheri supplied in terms of the image below is absolutely irrelevant to the situation at hand.

We tried to register with CoinGate using a VPN putting us in the USA. Below is the result showing CoinGate is not available for residents in the USA. So how did Steven login and move funds on a daily basis?

Let’s now look at the proof about the Gmail address IP. It would be a really good idea to do some research Cheri Ward BEFORE you decide to publish so-called FACT. ALL Gmail addresses have a Google IP address and EVERY Gmail address shows that the owner is in the USA. All that is evident from her “proof” is that “Steven Twain” had a Gmail address which could have been created by anyone, anywhere in the world!

We registered a fake Gmail account right here in South Africa, inserted the email header into an IP address search website and came up with the following results.

As you can clearly see, the Gmail address has a United States IP address, being one of the 200 000 belonging to Google.


With regard to the recovery number used on “Steven’s” Gmail account, Cheri’s proof is shakey to say the very least. The recovery number for Vince Ward’s Facebook Profile just happens to end in “51”, the very same last two digits that belonged to “Steven”. We could of course simply call it coincidence, however this close to home raises some serious doubts as to the truth on Cheri’s Blog.

Was VINCE WARD Steven Twain?


The number that was being used on Telegram was registered in Troy, Michigan and was a VOIP number. These are very easy to get and, as such, are easy to use to commit crime. Very little, if any, checks are done when getting one of these numbers.


Strange that someone who actively advertised she was the top person in BTC Global, other than Steven himself, would find it out of the ordinary being threatened by members who lost their money. Even legit companies who cause loss undergo extreme pressure when investors lose money. It goes with the territory when you run a scam that you will receive all kinds of threats from people. To assume that the admin of BTC Global would walk away unscathed, playing the “I am just a member” card is beyond logic. If you own the domain, the website, the back office AND the WALLET, you pretty much OWN the scam. When you own a scam, be prepared to take whatever people throw at you. As they say, “If you make your bed, lie in it”!


There is no proof Steven lives or breathes and there is no proof the Facebook Profile really belongs to a person by the name of Steven Twain. For all intents and purposes, the BTC Global Admin created the profile and answered on messenger. The conversations are utterly useless as any kind of proof! However, there is one very good clue. Cheri maintained that Andrew Caw had nothing to do with BTC Global. Andrew Caw denied his involvement with BTC Global on various blogs, SO what was he doing on a group on messenger with Steven, Madelyn, Clynton and Cheri?

There are no conversations with Steven prior to August 2017. Nothing provided from What’s App, Telegram or Messenger. When the portal went live In September they moved from the Ponzi Spreadsheet to the Ponzi Portal and the fake Steven Profile remained until it was hacked in February 2018! It is unclear what Cheri is trying to prove with this part of her Blog.


In short, this story has no substance. Madelyn Roose (deceased) never offered any proof of her prior contact with Steven, despite stating that she would make her communications public! There is no evidence of her communications after Mid August either.

The excuse that the markets crashed is rather sad considering that Steven Twain was very vocal about his ability to trade. Good or bad markets, experienced traders know what they are doing. As opinions seem to be the order of the day, our opinion is simply that the USD value of bitcoin took a knock which resulted in their being insufficient dollars to meet the demand. 

Below is the history of the Bitcoin price from December 2017 to February 2018. This was the reason it was “Game Over”. Not enough money to meet the demand following a huge recruitment drive in November and December! Ponzi success means the owner needs to stay ahead of the game in terms of money coming in versus money going out.

  • December 17, 2017: bitcoin’s price briefly reaches its all time high of $19,783.06 US.
  • December 22, 2017, bitcoin fell below $11,000, a fall of 45% from its peak.
  • From 26 January to 6 February, the price of Bitcoin halved, and dropped to a low of $6,000 US.

Bitcoin prices from December 2017 to 11 February 2018


Let’s quickly look at the timeline of events in February 2018

  • Monday 5th Steven does not pay and is MIA
  • Tuesday 6th Cheri holds the biggest farce of an online hangout to explain events
  • Sunday 11th Steven makes the 5% ROI payment
  • Wednesday 14th Steven’s Facebook Profile is mysteriously hacked just after a post regarding tax and a request for money from members
  • Monday 19th Steven/Andrew fails to make the second 5% payment
  • Steven is never heard from again and the exit strategy is complete
  • The Admin then continue to wear the members down until they all retreated coping with their losses.

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