How anyone believes the ANYTHING that comes out of Cheri Ward’s mouth is nothing short of amazing.


Let’s get the REAL truth out there once and for all when it comes to Cheri Ward and her “Truth Blog”.

Cheri Ward is paranoid and obsessed with Vivienne Budge, everyone and everything is Vivienne. Simply, this is a personality disorder. Her attempt to discredit Vivienne nothing short of desperate and unprofessional.

Cheri has NEVER been harassed by Vivienne. Cheri Ward has NO documentation to back up her accusations and has never been able to provide any proof.

Cheri opened a case of harassment against Vivienne putting together a pile of papers with not one shred of evidence of any personal harassment, threats or incitement of violence on the part of Vivienne. This case was simply her way of deflecting attention from herself and flexing her muscles. We all know that she is “a dictator” who won’t be “threatened” or “pushed around”, yet she found it necessary to launch a case against someone who had done nothing more than expose BTC Global, who developed it and open the investigation into BTC Global with The Hawks. Why pick on a non-investor who simply created the Facebook page to alert people to the Scam and who opened the case with the Hawks on the 22nd of January 2018?

How Cheri managed to get the Interim Harassment Order in the first place remains a mystery. One law professor who was sent all the facts surrounding the case immediately replied that there may have been corruption involved and that the case certainly appeared to be malicious. The courts will decide in due course.

Noticeably NOT one invested member who ACTUALLY threatened Cheri was ever taken to court, sued or harassed by Cheri. The only possible reason for this would be that Cheri could ill afford to open that can of worms. It’s a very risky business for a Ponzi owner to cry foul and approach the court for protection when they are themselves breaking the law.

It is a very well known fact that the Domestic Violence Court is one of the most abused courts in the land. What did transpire was an unexpected full out defence from Vivienne and a lengthy case which was finally thrown out of court. This case should have been dismissed right from the first hearing. Whatever made the magistrate drag it out is just another problem with the legal system in South Africa.  Cheri Ward tried to settle the case on 3 occasions and in desperation told her attorney categorically “make it go away”! Unfortunately for Cheri, Vivienne would not accept the terms offered as settlement, so the case continued.

Cheri will have everyone believe it was simply a technicality… it was, but there is more to it than that. Cheri Ward has announced over and over that she is a qualified attorney, yet in court she got her lawyer to stand up and claim she was a “layman” and thus did not know the correct procedure for getting documents certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. The problem here is, you cannot profess to the public at large you’re one thing and conveniently get your attorney to tell a magistrate you’re another. Her case was devoid of merit and, had the magistrate not had a technicality on which she had to dismiss the case, it is very very unlikely with all the evidence before her that the magistrate would ever have made the Interim Order final. Cheri Ward accomplished nothing but waste everyone’s time and money, defame Vivienne and shut her up long enough to be able to sell everyone her twisted version of the truth!

It would be interesting to find out what makes Cheri tick. Why publish a blog supposedly telling the Truth about BTC Global yet focus almost the entire landing page and others on Vivienne? Members could not have cared less, they needed answers to the whereabouts of Steven and their money.

If anyone believes her lies about Vivienne on her Blog, then by the same token they would believe her story about Steven and, sadly, they are never going to believe the real truth in any event.

  • Vivienne is NOT Jessie Holmes and Cheri Ward is very well aware of this.
  • Cheri Ward and that Interim Order by Jessie Holmes (click to read more)
  • This Page Does Not Belong to Vivienne  Budge by Jessie Holmes (Click to read more)
  • Vivienne does not condone nor support the articles published by Jessie Holmes despite being privy to who sits behind the Jessie Homes blog. You may read all the blogs written by Jessie Holmes (click here)
  • Cheri Ward perjured herself to get the arrest warrant exercised. A case against the State has been opened for malicious prosecution and arrest. A separate case of Perjury regarding the arrest warrant has been opened. No one has the right to abuse the court to throw their weight around!
  • Cheri’s logic claiming that a Support Operator was “responsible” for a system fleeced by the owners then lays the blame for the financial carnage in BTC Global squarely on her shoulders and ALL the support operators and admin involved in the system!
  • IF LIZ MALTON DID INDEED SEND THROUGH A SPREADSHEET TO THE OWNER OF FREEDOM, she would have only had the spreadsheet in her possession after having been given it by one Terry Maharaj. He was tasked with opening an investigation into Freedom Global and was given the information BY Viv Budge. Liz would have been showing the owner his OWN donations received for no donations made and not that of Viv Budge!! Oh dear Dizzy Lizzy……

You may ask yourself how Cheri Ward has the ability to get people to lie for her? The Liz Malton version of Freedom Global is not based on fact. Cheri Ward perpetuated the Freedom Global lie to divert the attention away from herself  Perhaps these people suffer from “birds of a feather” syndrome. Whatever it is, here are screenshots of info on Freedom Global from Byron Dittberner. He lead the development of Freedom Global and was in charge of the Support Operators, the VERY SAME man who told Cheri more than once that she was lying to people about Vivienne and Freedom Global.

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Byron Dittberner
Byron Dittberner
Byron Dittberner
Byron Dittberner



A colourful past indeed in the world of Ponzi. A gambling obsession with the inability to accept her bad decisions. From the days of MMM to GPX to Freedom Global to BTC Global to Crypto World Evolution and anything in between, it’s been quite a historic journey. She is so fully immersed in the Ponzi life she even has a PA to run all her accounts!

Her friendships are only built on whether someone serves a purpose in aiding and abetting her Ponzi goal. The lies and deceit she lives by are just a sign of why she is so into “gambling” her funds and those she drags along with her. This is a sign of a seriously sick person needing psychological help.

Liz Malton was involved in the MMM scam with Andrew Caw and company and explained in detail how they rolled the money from one account to the other. She always registers 5 or six accounts in any system. One in every member of the family’s name and throws the maximum amount in. Based on the history of her behaviour there can be no doubt that she had done the same in BTC Global and was running multiple accounts. It is odd that in a system where duplicate accounts are not allowed, a recording of a call to a member of BTC Global will back up this statement, Liz Malton was allowed to run accounts for every member of her household including the maid.

Let us first address Freedom Global (read the story from Byron Dittberner, Senior Support of Freedom Global, screenshots above) and then track back a bit as more of the information that appeared as a result of her countless hours bleating into the disinterested ears. As a member of Freedom Global Liz Malton had 6 accounts, one in each name of all her members of the family, extended family including the maid. During the time that she was involved she donated the maximum in every trade session in every account. She befriended Vivienne as she knew she was a support operator and spent hours calling her.

Then “disaster” struck, the queue stalled. Consolidation was implemented and the whining began. Oh boy, can she whine and perform? It’s suicide material.

So when trade started once again Liz Malton wanted her money. Liz Malton had recovered all her capital but she wanted her profit, while many others had not even broken even. She repeatedly said she did not enter this platform just to get her money back! So the blackmail and threats started, the endless calls to Byron Dittberner using a negotiator, good cop, bad cop tactics. Vivienne listened in on most of the calls with her mic off on her phone. The harassment, the threats to report Byron to the police etc, were endless. Byron Dittberner then spoke to Robert Maxwell who had stated that Liz Malton was not to be given any special treatment. Actually he used far more colourful language than that.  Byron did not know how to handle it so in the end, he took instructions from Liz Strutt Malton to make sure that all the accounts in her family’s name were always loaded at the top of the queue. Byron discussed this at length with the support operators knowing how unfair it was on the members who had not made their money back.

Support operators removed themselves from the queue to make space despite having made donations.  Liz Malton was not donating she was just receiving. There was also a time when she said she had no money for data and would be unable to confirm her donations received if she was not online. Vivienne then lent her money to ensure she could do this. The money was never paid back.

Liz Malton banked with FNB and all of the top 6 donations that had to be loaded were for her family. She single-handedly destroyed the FNB queue. Whining and complaining because she was not getting enough paid out she went to open bank accounts with other banks so she had more choice of where we had to load her and all her accounts. Not only was she adding banks, but she kept changing her usernames so that other members would not realise she was always at the top of the list when trade opened. Liz Malton was studying the queue alright, not to try and uncover anything sinister but to ensure she was always sitting in pole position.

Then came the conversion to Bitcoin. She then started to push support really hard. If trading started and she was not at the top of the list phones would ring, affecting support operators from handling live support queries.  She would yell and scream at then telling us to load her if Byron forgot.

One trade session in the FG500 system Vivienne had to pay her personally. Not knowing who the person was, as Liz Malton she used many fictitious names to avoid detection by other members, the payments to Liz from Vivienne’s Blockchain wallet. Something went wrong and she was logged out. As she was running out of time, the transaction was cancelled to allow the member back onto the list. Vivienne then managed to log back into blockchain and the transaction had gone out. She called the person, no answer and then asked on the telegram group if anyone knew who the member was.

She found out it was Liz Malton and sent her a message on telegram and asked her to please refund the as another member would be paying her the same amount again. She swore at Vivienne and cut the call.

Vivienne then spoke to Byron saying it was not fair that Liz Malton would receive a double payment while others waited. In the meantime to avoid double payment Vivienne deactivated the transaction from the list. Byron then reactivated it so it went onto the list, removed it and confirmed the payment, this after having received proof of payment and screenshots of the messages to Liz Malton.

The tirade from Liz Malton because she wanted the double payment was irrational behaviour, to say the least.

Liz Malton then turned up the heat on Byron. It was shameful. She wanted her money and nothing else mattered. The threats got worse. Byron called Vivienne in a frenzy himself not knowing how to handle her. By then Vivienne had blocked Liz everywhere to make sure she could not harass her any further.

Byron Dittberner spoke to Robert Maxwell, the owner of the platform, and begged him to make a plan and pay Liz what she wanted just to get rid of her. He hated speaking to Liz Malton.

The owner eventually agreed and sent her 3 BTC, this over and above the extra payments, she received in normal trade sessions. This was recorded on the financial report which Vivienne saw just before the platform was finally shut.

Unlike the other members, Liz Malton bullied and threatened her way to extra money. It was both shocking and amazing that anyone could behave this way.

As for Liz Malton submitting evidence to Robert, she was not in a position to obtain any true or correct information. Vivienne has a copy of the consolidation report and members donation list. It has Liz’s donations received far exceeding her expected return. The only people with this information was Vivienne, Byron and the IT guy.

It was actually with this report that Support realised there were lots of strange accounts where many of them had little to no donations and huge amounts of money received. This was Vivienne’s lead to expose the owners for manipulating the queue and helping themselves to BTC561 which should have been paid out to members. Vivienne confronted the owner and told him to pay back the members who were not in profit. Liz, on the other hand, gained far more than she was due and blackmailed her way to more money.

All support operators had the same level of access to the system. Everyone had the ability to load donations as we were all tasked with balancing back offices and loading balances due after trade parties. No Support Operator ever balanced their own back offices so as to avoid any dishonesty or manipulation and the system tracked every support operator and what they did.

Vivienne’s primary function was to deal with the Fake Proof of Payments. It was a standing joke that as someone who hated dishonesty everyone knew that she would be ruthless in dealing with people trying to get away with crooking the system.

Now let’s look at the story of GPX another donation exchange which was different from Freedom Global.

Liz Malton also had multiple accounts and in fact, had her PA work as a Support Operator. When the platform stalled, as do all donation exchanges, her negotiator friend put enormous pressure on the owner of the platform who went by the name King. Both Liz Malton and her friend, Terry Maharaj, wanted their money and forced King to ensure that they were loaded for members to pay them. Apparently, it was not that they had never received any money back, but that they wanted all their capital and the “growth/interest”.

The loading by the GPX IT team caused many questions to be asked by members as they realised that everyone was paying the same people. The amounts being loaded were around the R100 000 or more each time. This is the exact behaviour she displayed when ensuring the money in Freedom was paid back. It most certainly seems to be a pattern for a Ponzi player who refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

Vivienne was never a member of BTC Global so it is uncertain as to whether Liz Malton used the same tactics, however her modus operandi had not changed in previous platforms.

In closing, taking Liz Malton’s history into account, her “story” on Cheri Ward’s blog “The Truth about BTC Global” should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Vivienne’s Story as taken from the BTC Global Scam Page

It is no secret that Viv Budge published the Facebook page. She never denied it and did not do so behind any fake profile. There was no point in her exposing BTC Global and opening the investigation in any name other than her own. The Hawks do not deal with fake profiles as witnesses….

Here is the link to her story, published once the nonsense harassment case was dismissed.




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