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In view of the Blog written by Cheri Ward, despite her knowing that most of the information concerning Vivienne Budge is inaccurate (complete lies), she has not corrected her write up so it now necessary to publish Vivienne’s story on the Internet.

For some obscure reason, it seems that Cheri Ward is using her blog to once again discredit me whilst she promotes Mirror Trading International.

There are always two sides to every story!! Everyone has the right to believe whatever they choose with respect to what has been published about me however, the truth is that THERE IS NO STEVEN TWAIN, NEVER WAS OR EVER WILL BE.

There is a lot of misinformation about me and BTC Global. After months of having to watch my name being trashed on social media and the “The Truth About BTCG” Blog written by Cheri Ward, and not being able to defend myself or set the record straight, I finally get to tell my story. 

If ever there was a case for defamation and crimen injuria, I should have launched one against Cheri Ward. She has never been able to produce one post or message to prove her allegations that I defamed or insulted her or her children. She used this trumped-up lie to divert attention as I began to expose the BTC Global crew on Facebook.


I started the journey of exposing BTCG to try and stop people from getting dragged into what was clearly a very well thought out Ponzi. I say Ponzi, because without any solid proof of trading or the trader (a Facebook profile, WhatsApp and Telegram are not proof of real existence in this day and age) there is no other name for what BTC Global was. Besides the lack of proof of life, the maths does not work and a guaranteed 14% per week is impossible unless Peter, who walks on water, is paying Paul. This too becomes a huge problem when taking into account the effect compounding has on any system. So it was clear from the onset that this was going to end up a train smash!

 It goes back to July 2017.  I had found out about plans for BTC Global in July. Then out of the blue “Steven Twain” contacted me directly on messenger. No reason really and I was sure that this was a ploy to get me involved and recruiting. I played along with “Steven”. Got added to BTC Investment Hub telegram group, asked a few sticky questions and gracefully declined the offer to join.

I had seen the “company” BTC Financials being promoted by people on Facebook. I took a look at the website and the red flags were like sirens. So many things on the site looked fake. In addition, I found it odd that a “Trader” from a “company“ wanted me to deposit directly into his bitcoin wallet and not via the company. How this did not strike the people who apparently got Steven to trade for them before BTC Financials was removed beats me. Another confusing factor is that it has been stated that “Steven” resigned from BTC Financials. How does a fake resign from a fake company? In addition, the bitcoin wallet address supposedly used for deposits with “Steven” right from the very first person he traded for at the beginning of 2017 was never used for deposits to Steven until August of 2017, so I do not believe the story of how BTC Global evolved from BTC Financials, these two were one and the same simply redesigned with a portal for easier control of the scam.

This Ponzi was simply started with a different website and on a spreadsheet. Please note that the communication from “Steven”, in the screenshot below is dated the 20th October, AFTER the move from the spreadsheet to the portal. Obviously the Admin had to come up with some excuse as to why “Steven” was dedicated to BTC!

 I reported the site to Wealth Recovery International in the USA who pass the info onto US law enforcement and low and behold it was taken down and Facebook removed the Steven Twain Facebook profile, the very same one that messaged me on messenger! So yes it turned out that the man and his “company” were indeed fake despite Steven chatting to me on telegram and messenger.


BTC Global Ponzi Scheme
Steven Twain BTC Global




(I have not bothered to include all of them as they are to show that the profile was removed by Facebook)


My first posts on Facebook started at the beginning of August of 2017. I argued with friends. Begged them not to get involved, facilitate or promote BTC Global.  They knew it was a Ponzi, but it did not seem to matter. I suddenly realised that people I knew and trusted were not the honest people I thought they were. It was a very difficult pill to swallow. I then had to make a decision. As difficult as it was I decided it was better to keep various people close in order to get as much info as I could, which would help me expose BTC Global. Was I devious? Yes. Do I regret it? No. It was my way of being able to expose what needed to be exposed to try and stop as many people as I could from possibly getting involved. I did not have the pull on my Facebook profile to get the message out there without starting to post publicly, which is NOT something I usually did.

I posted warnings that Steven was fake. There was no trader called Steven. To this very day, there’s no proof of Steven’s existence. A Facebook profile, email address, VoIP cell number or messenger are NOT proof of life. Anyone can sit behind a fake profile. I was accused of this over and over, so why is it accepted that Steven’s profile was real? Who met him or spoke to him?? No one!!! Who’s met me or spoken to me? Hundreds of people, so no I am not fake and have never run fake profiles on any platform! I have no fake email accounts, no “Burner SIMS” and two Facebook profiles, both in my name. One is for my family and friends I’ve known all my life, the other I use for networking. I don’t mix business with pleasure and I keep my private life private. I don’t need to share everything with everyone. I choose how I use Facebook. I never hid my identity when exposing BTC Global! In fact when Cheri Ward accused me over and over about having fake profiles, fake email addresses and burner SIM cards it begs the question as to whether this is not her exact behaviour? She certainly messed up hugely when she accused me of being Jessie Holmes and later found out who it actually was. Odd though that she has NEVER corrected her BLOG!

 Then, of course, there’s the age-old story Cheri Ward used, “I am convinced his Facebook was hacked”, “I have proof” and the “5 DIFFERENT leaders ALL thought he was hacked at the same time completely independently from each other.No proof whatsoever and none of the leaders worked independently!

Every single Steven Twain Facebook profile has been removed by Facebook as being fake. I’ve actually lost count but think it’s around 6 or 7 in total. So hacked? I think not !! In addition, there was never a hack of the portal despite me being accused of this several times. It is almost impossible to hack an Azure Microsoft portal. Google it. Besides, I am not a hacker, I just knew how the back office (component) worked. 

 In October 2017 I was once again faced with an onslaught of attacks from various people throwing personal insults at me when I had not mentioned anyone by name other than Steven. The posts about me got worse. I actually contacted an attorney, very well known in the realm of social media, about the defamation as it was seriously out of control. People were getting personal messages on messenger that were defamatory and untrue, “cyber attacks on someone’s family, heavy breathing phone calls”, really someone has a serious imagination and sense of being far more important than they are. I have no time to waste on nonsense and the accuser was not on my radar, the Ponzi was the target. These accusations speak for themselves and the mentality of what I was dealing with. Despite this, I decided to ignore what was being said as legal action was not something I could afford and, on the advice of the attorney, long and difficult to prove and win. I knew that there were people who knew that the posts and messages were not true. It seemed very strange that posts about Steven attracted such vicious attacks by people who now profess to just be “members”. What were they defending and why? Steven was the only one who needed to defend himself. I had not pointed fingers at anyone I was simply trying to warn people. I ensured that I did not mention the platform by name as this would have facilitated people seeking it out to look and more than likely get roped into a very elaborate lie. 





October 2017 also brought my decision to report BTC Global to SARB Ponzi Division (South African Reserve bank) and the FSB, as it was known back then. It is my civic duty to report a crime and I knew what was going on, so I did what needed to be done. I submitted the info I had and left it at that expecting that SARB would act on my tip off and BTC Global would be stopped. This happened after I posted on Facebook and was verbally abused on the telegram group BTC Investment Hub. Posts were being forwarded to me at the time. It was war against Viv. How dare she upset the Ponzi Apple cart. They were just getting revved after the new component (back office) had been built. Actually the back office gave it away. I had seen one exactly the same and immediately knew who sat behind its creation. It was this that gave me the knowledge to enroll myself and find exactly the right sponsor to prove the lies I was being told. There is a HUGE difference to being enrolled in a system and being an actively invested member. Something that one of the creators did not seem to understand! 


Enrolling and knowing how the portal worked was a way to extract all the membership names and numbers. I did not do this alone, there were two of us who worked on this. We extracted the names and membership numbers of all the members that were registered to show the Hawks just how big BTC Global was. This info I put onto a spreadsheet which I handed over to the Hawks at my first meeting with them. 

I found out a few months later that actually SARB had opened an investigation into BTC Global upon receiving my email. They too had to build a watertight case. 

In December I noticed a huge increase in marketing. A push to get people to invest. This is normally a sign that money needs to start flowing in as the debt starts to get out of control. 

In January 2018 I published a post and once again sent an email to SARB. This post brought more personal attacks on Facebook. Insults and lies, but at the same time the very posts to insult me, drew attention to me and people started to ask questions. I published the BTC Global Scam page, 18th January 2018, as a method of drawing BTC Global to the attention of the media hoping they would see what was going on and expose BTC Global. It was also to try and get the message out to as many people as possible rather than just my Facebook profile. 

The Facebook page was instrumental in meeting other people who had been advising friends not to get involved,  as well as people who thanked me for saving them from depositing money. I then got help as Admin on the page while I prepared as much info as I could to expose what I knew. A team of us started to dig further and, with the info I had accumulated from July 2017,  we put more and more of the puzzle pieces together. We all had our strengths and together we were a very good team. One person I met on messenger had all the contacts I needed to take this entire saga further than SARB and in particular, arranged for me to see the Hawks. Without this person, I would not have been able to open the case when I did. In fact, the course was laid out and I followed. 

 Primarily it was important that anyone and everyone involved in the creation of BTC Global could not walk away scot-free. There are way to few Ponzi schemes and donation exchanges that lure people where the Creators are brought to book.  The age-old story of “I am just a member” needed to be stopped. 

 In addition, I’ve been subjected to a break-in at my home in a secure complex. Whether this is BTC Global related remains a mystery however, what happened that night is very odd, to say the least. I have an open-plan lounge and office desk. Someone came data shopping one Friday night/early Saturday morning. My laptop, hard drive, and two phones were stolen. Nothing else. TV, High Fi, my husband’s laptop, car keys and wallet were all left untouched and within a few steps of my desk. Whoever came here only came for my belongings and evidence only. The investigating officers looked around the lounge and remarked that the burglary was not what common house breakers behaviour. 

This incident was followed by a visit from two men posing as investigators from the Roodepoort crime division.  Anyway, one of them showed me a police card. It was odd that they were dressed in Camo gear, however, one of them had a bulletproof vest and both were armed. They assured me they needed me to answer questions about an investigation. Seeing as how I had been the victim of the home invasion I assumed they were connected to that investigation. I let them in. Luckily I have a camera system so their faces are saved to the cloud. It turned out that they were here to warn me to back off and that if I left my home there were people watching me and would kill me. They told me I needed to buy a burner SIM card as my numbers were being monitored and I should no longer post on ScamBusters telegram group. The burner SIM was odd in itself, almost as if someone was arranging to try and set me up to substantiate that I have burner SIMS. That’s was the giveaway.  I then asked them whether they bought their uniforms at the party shop. Seriously, other than the BTC Global Admin or the other Ponzi creators who on earth would be stupid enough to send people around to warn me I would be killed. So seriously who exactly was being harassed and threatened as a result of BTC Global?

 Very little truth has been published about what actually happened when I was served with the “affidavit”. Yes, ONLY the “affidavit”. No interim order was given to me. No interim order was ever published on social media by me. The court found that I had not been given the interim order thus I was not guilty of breaching something I never received. 

 The following day I was confronted by police here at my home. They came here armed with an arrest warrant. They refused to show me why I was being arrested. I called the investigating officer from the Hawks to assist me. I was absolutely shocked at what was going on. It was like the movies. Apparently, the piece of paper I signed thinking it was an acknowledgment of having the affidavit delivered was a Return of Service. I did not know what that was. In fact, if you look carefully at it I signed as if I delivered the document to myself. I did not lie about the Interim Harassment Order being delivered. It never was! It is odd too that I could not get a copy of the document I had signed, yet the one attached to Cheri’s Blog appears to be one that was stapled to the front of the folder I was told not to open!! This brings up where I now have to, by law, open a perjury case against the person who swore before a commissioner of oaths that I had committed several offenses in terms of contravening the Order. 


I have had many months to reflect on what has always seemed to be a very well-orchestrated plan to show the BTC Global community that I was to blame and therefore I needed to be made an example of.

 I did not ruin anyone’s life or threaten anyone. I never had a personal vendetta, it is just ONE of the most ludicrous accusations I have read, which was also posted all over  Telegram, Facebook, and various blogs. I must say that in preparing my story and going through the thousands of screenshots sent to me, I am truly amazed at the lack of knowledge and ability of people to have not seen exactly what was going on by using me as the scapegoat.  The simple fact is that the system failed. It was doomed from the beginning. Until the day that Steven Twain shows his face on a live webinar, there is absolutely no proof he exists. He ran off with the money whoever he may be!

 To be clear, it’s important to note that it was published that there was evidence that Steven DID exist. Well, why in the past tense? He either exists or doesn’t! This in addition to not knowing whether “Steven” was his real name, and no one cared as long as people got paid, is preposterous!

 The person behind the Jessie Holmes blog is not me. This has been proven, yet none of the posts, insinuations, or allegations to this effect have been removed. Actually, none of the misinformation has been removed from Cheri’s blog or Facebook pages by the people who penned them, despite solid proof in writing.  I am now telling everyone that what’s been published is not FACT about me. There is no criminal case against me and with the absence of the Harassment Order at the time of my arrest, there never was one. The hearing after my false arrest was thrown out of court. In retrospect, with the entire case against me being dismissed, there has never been an enforceable protection order in place!! Further, the official protection order that was served to me in court in April came with a new arrest warrant. I was terrorized with this twice. The demands that I expose people or I would be arrested again were crazy. It got to the point where the magistrate warned this warrant not to be used as a weapon!

 This Jessie Holmes post (link below) was not written by me and was published everywhere. Why was I accused of being someone that I am not? In fact, why was I accused of being the many people who asked questions???


 The case against me which has taken almost a year has been thrown out of court, this court being one of the most abused courts in South Africa and one that very rarely allocates any costs which is more than likely why this court is so abused!! I was asked to settle this case amicably 3 or 4 times and each time it failed as the applicant failed to agree to costs. She knew, as did I, that no matter the result, costs would more than likely not be awarded.

 I had no option but to defend it for my right to freedom of speech and for the members to understand that statements/applications that are less than candid cannot be upheld in court. I was being gagged and made an example of to divert attention away from those behind BTC Global.  I need everyone to understand that I NEVER threatened, harassed, or incited violence against anyone and there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE TO THIS EFFECT ANYWHERE!. I now have a very good case for defamation against more than one person who has contributed their bit to the blog and various other posts on Facebook and Telegram. I have hundreds and hundreds of screenshots of posts about me. The evidence is staggering!! Steven is fictitious and thus it’s quite difficult to harass a figment of anyone’s imagination. Cheri has no grounds for defamation, so I am not sure what grounds there can be for criminal/civil action against me could possibly be found or used. On the contrary, I have proof of being threatened and harassed!


The following images I took as the conversation took place on the YouTube channel, however I reported them as I finished to get them removed. I have no problem taking on someone who is prepared to be intelligent and professional in their arguments however, disparaging remarks are not the way I handle any argument.

The case was around 500+ pages and at least 99% were solely about BTC Global. How is it that someone can be granted an Harassment Order with NO PROOF of harassment? It needs to be understood that the Domestic Violence Court is one where the applicant needs to prove Harassment. 

 A whole pile of paper that has not been commissioned properly, signed two days by the applicant BEFORE the date that the document was commissioned renders it inadmissible in court. In addition, the document did not bare the initials on every page by the commissioner which begs one to question whether the document provided in court was EVER the one put before the commissioner. There were affidavits that were presented as “evidence” that were not even signed by the person whose name appeared on them. Who wrote these???? To this day it remains strange that the harassment order was ever issued.

 I will use the avenues open to me now to seek justice for the injustice I suffered as a result of exposing BTC Global. False arrest is just one of the cases I will be starting. Those 4 days were not pleasant but very well planned, “Nicely timed for the weekend”, as posted by one of the appointed mouthpieces on the main telegram group known as BTCG Help. 

I am taking legal advice on what steps I need to follow. My company and reputation have been damaged in an attempt to cover up what BTC Global was. This has seriously affected my company turnover. My business has been going since 2002 and in the last 11 months, after my business was named and trashed on social media, the turnover has steadily decreased. Customers were involved in BTC Global and realised I was the “Vivienne” after reading about it on the internet and the official BTC Global telegram channel. To be clear, many people knew nothing of me or my page until I was the focus of disparaging remarks on social media. Social media attacks from Cheri Ward drew attention to the Facebook BTC Global Scam page and myself. See attack is not the best form of defense!!

 The BTC Global case is still being investigated by the Hawks. The state will take it to court when they are ready and it’s as solid as a rock. 

 I need to clear a few things up. I never owned, controlled, or was responsible for Freedom Global. I started as a member but was asked to work as a support operator. The system had over 25000 members. There were strange things going on which is why I was asked to work as support. I am known for being intolerant of dishonesty and thus trustworthy. Did I think FG was a system that could harm people when I signed up? No. The person who introduced me to Freedom Global was someone I trusted with my life. 

 We, support operators, worked hard to try to keep the system running. It was after a consolidation was reversed and all of the support operators, who had the same level of access to the system, were balancing back offices that I found questionable accounts. I brought them to the attention of the person in charge of overseeing support. Shortly thereafter I received a report from IT which exposed what was going on. We discovered that the owners had been loading themselves into the queue at will and the amount of money they gained was around 561 bitcoin for next to no donations. I published what we found in the Global Opportunities group, previously known as the Freedom Global group on Facebook. I personally contacted the owners demanding they pay members back and handed over my evidence to a man who told us he was an investigator. I expected him to expose the evidence I gave him to the authorities he worked with. I had received a phone call just prior to this from one of the owners threatening to hurt me if I exposed the story. Undeterred I did it anyway. The members deserved to know what we had uncovered. I never stole any money from anyone. The allegations of me owning, running, or having my fingers in the “cookie jar” are untrue! I have the evidence to prove what went on. What’s worse is that this was explained several times to the individual responsible for publishing this and for getting others to disseminate false information about my involvement in an attempt to vilify me. I have a very strong case of defamation against Liz Malton who was invited to contribute her piece to the blog about me and Freedom however, I think that her reputation and continued participation and creation of donation exchanges speaks for itself.

It’s time now for those who attacked me on every platform they could find to understand that a criminal case is being investigated by the Hawks and that no matter what has been said, nothing changes what BTC Global was or the devastation and misery it’s caused thousands of people who believed the story of “Steven Twain”! It’s also time for the members involved to understand that the story about me on the blog and everywhere else is far from the truth!


“A lie that gets told over and over remains a lie!”



Interesting personality traits that members may recognise displayed by Cheri Ward and the rest of the Ponzi crowd.

Narcissistic personality disorder

Pathological lying

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