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 ScamBusters South Africa combatting online fraud.


ScamBusters is a small group of individuals who connected to combat online fraud. As a group, we refuse to sit idle while the creators and promoters of these schemes destroy people’s lives.

Unfortunately, Social Media is used by top recruiters from all over the Globe. These people are sought after to drive the platforms, which more often than not end up with more people incurring financial loss than ever making money.

The basic principles of Network Marketing are used to spread the word, however, the modus operandi is to get in as early as possible, recruit like a madman, make as much money in referral bonuses as possible and when the system collapses, tell everyone they knew the risks and move on.

The biggest problem that arises from this is that there are many people who have not been exposed to this sort of crime and readily fall for the sales pitch. It is a common human behaviour to fall for the “Get Rich Quick” option and unfortunately even the most educated end up entrapped in these scams. Greed seems to override the ability to think logically. The financial carnage is often devastating to see and therefore, we have decided that as a service to the public we feel it necessary to use this platform to show whether the online platforms are safe and legitimate.

Unlike many or most of the “Reviews” offered we will not be using this site to promote any other opportunity, which seems to be the goal of many of many individuals in Network Marketing.

Here we will post the info obtained through our own investigation and present it in order that anyone looking to get involved in a “Get Rich Quick” scheme knows exactly what they are doing.

We only to present our findings and do not have the ability to do anything other than give you the most accurate info to make up your own minds about the risks you take. It is advisable though to ensure you stay within the law no matter which network you decide to engage in. Law enforcement in any country is not something that the average person wishes to tangle with.

We hope that we at least manage to save many from inevitable financial loss.

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