BTC Global Crypto Trading Scam came about in July of 2017, or at least that was when Clynton Marks and Russel C Jerrard employed the services of a local South African programmer, Byron Dittberner, to build the Microsoft Portal integrated into the website. The website (front end) was poorly designed and created by one of the Admin behind this Ponzi. The .team website was hosted by SquareSpace, the same hosting company used by Andrew Caw for his business Bitcaw Trading and the portal hosted by Microsoft. Bitcaw Trading, aka Andrew Caw, was used by thousands of people who paid money to Mr. Caw, never received their bitcoin and simply had their back office updated with their investment amounts. This undoubtedly shows that Mr. Caw was indeed in control of the system despite numerous denials to the contrary.

BTC Global was first marketed by South Africans using a website, BTC Financials. Locally, in South Africa, BTC Financials was also known as BTC Investment Hub headed by Cheri Ward, Clynton Marks, Andrew Caw, Madelyn Roose (deceased), Russel C  Jerrard . These are the 5 masterminds behind this scam, which was then rebranded when Byron Dittberner joined the team and undertook the development, rebranding, and administration.

It goes without saying that one of two scenarios were in play:-

  • Either the entire team know the person sitting behind that fake facebook profile of Steven Twain and thus never felt it necessary to investigate whether Steven was “real” 


  • The people behind the Facebook profile were the Admin just as they were the creators of both the front and back end of this BTC Global Ponzi.

Scenario number ONE.

Clynton Marks comes up with an elaborate compensation plan. By her own admission, Cheri Ward announced this on a Google Hangout meeting held in an attempt to explain why “Steven” had not paid.

If they indeed knew the scammer behind the profile and went ahead and created BTC Global, surely they must have trusted the man enough to get people to throw their life savings at him. Therefore, it is up to the SA crew to simply hand over the name of this person “Steven Twain” to the authorities. Doing this would enable the police to move swiftly to either apprehend Steven if he is here in South Africa or have him brought to the country to face charges for his illegal activities. The caring Cheri Ward announced she would ensure Steven was found.

However this has never happened and Cheri Ward continues the cover-up – “Is his real name Steven? I don’t know. I didn’t care. As long as he paid people we were all happy. Every person that WILLINGLY funded Steven had the right and responsibility to check him out.

It goes without saying that Cheri Ward should have done a thorough investigation into who Steven Twain is, bearing in mind the responsibility for the system rests with those that paid to have the back office (Portal) built. The BTC Global Microsoft Portal indeed was a huge contributing factor to the enormous quick growth in the number of people who became involved in the scam.

Scenario number TWO.

The 5 Admin, all well trained MMM Guiders and well-schooled in the world of Ponzi’s (as is taught in the video below by Cheri Ward), simply saw a gap to create their very own scam. BTC Global was leveraged off the dollar value of bitcoin and the payments were based on a USD amount owed to members, thus Andrew Caw and company could well have thought there was enough meat in bitcoin as the forecasts at the time were that bitcoin was on the up.

Taking into account the greed factor in humans, the idea of compounding their earnings for at least 7 weeks gave the owners enough time to ensure that they recruited huge organisations eg churches, registered financial service providers etc. These organisations recommended this scam as a legit investment opportunity creating a huge influx of money in an attempt to stay ahead of the game.

As long as they could show money flowing out to members, they knew that more and more money would flow in.

These well trained MMM guiders, know money is what drives any system and thus it was important to show payments in order for BTC Global to succeed. The owners knew there would come a time for an exit scam however, what they did not factor in was the creation of a Facebook page attempting to warn people of the scam.

The BTC Global Scam Facebook page was never created out of “vengeance” as was so readily published by Cheri Ward in order to divert attention away from herself, her boyfriend now husband, Clynton Marks or her two very good friends Madelyn and Andrew. The page was published as a last resort after the creator of the page had reported the scam to the Reserve Bank in October of 2017 and once again in January 2018.

In fact, the Facebook page brought together a team who then tracked and traced the finer details that were published as warnings. As the connections were made so more and more information came to light as we worked as a team to get the word out and the evidence needed to open a case with The Hawks in order for the perpetrators to be brought to book.


Now as Cheri lectures and teaches about scams on the 3rd of September 2016, it’s very apparent exactly why designing and creating BTC Global came with much background knowledge. Obviously losing money is a driving factor behind developing a scam in order that no more losses are incurred.

It is noteworthy to pay attention to her explanation of Stokvels. Both her and Clynton not only learned and must have been involved in more than just MMM, BUT they both registered and recruited into BTC Returns (see the BTC Returns Blog on this website) knowing just exactly how unsustainable and dangerous it was. Quoting from the video “Stokvels business does not help the poor it helps the rich people get richer”. Participating in BTC Returns was more than likely a way for them to “wash” their ill-gotten gains!

BTC Gobal Online Hangout….

Now let’s move onto the Hang Out that Cheri Ward held on the 6th of February 2018 following “Steven’s” epic failure to pay the regular Monday payments.

The video has been edited cutting most of the parts where the internet was so bad it was impossible to hear what she was saying.

We will then examine inconsistencies in her story and show that there are many lies that were told to the audience/members, many of whom may not have picked up these up.








As you may now have taken the time to watch the video, let’s quickly listen to the call recording below released on social media to get a clearer picture of who was who in this zoo, then into the holes in Cheri’s story.

The recording below was released very early in 2018, the exact date of the recording is unknown at this time.

Just a quick note, there were NEVER any BTC Global Terms and Conditions available to any Member/Investor and WHO exactly was running this show?

The tone of this recording is absolutely appalling!

A few very pertinent points:-

  • “You’re speaking to the actual VERY TOP person at BTC Global besides “Steven Twain” himself”.
  •  “I will not be threatened, I will not be pushed around” – sound like someone who needs protection from anyone?
  • “I have proof that you have been logging into his account” – this means she was actually working in the portal and thus checking the IP addresses logging into portal!
  •  “We do business the HONEST and the RIGHT way” –  debatable to say the least.
  •  “This is my team and MY COMPANY and we do not do business like this” – ownership seems to be emphasized here.
  •  “I am a dictator….”
  •  “Contravention of our policies…” – which policies is she referring to exactly. There were NEVER any!
  •  “You’ve got 2 accounts which is also a contravention of our policies” – Cheri, Clynton and a whole handful of people had 2 or more accounts. It was in fact advertised that anyone could have as many accounts as they wished.  
  •  “You’re just lying to me” – Rich from someone who is being less than candid with this man!

Cheri published sometime during the course of late 2017 that she was no longer involved with “support or admin”. The question here is why did she make this call and why was she making decisions about people’s money?

Back to the BTC Global recorded Hangout with Cheri Ward on the 6th of February 2017 

Firstly the amount needed to be paid out, and shown in the wallet, was insufficient despite her declaration that it not an excessive amount in terms of the money that was coming into BTC Global. See herein lies the problem, when there was less than $6 688 000 in the wallet that fateful Monday 5th February 2018, there was no way they could pay. Cheri has shown a wallet with only BTC567 odd, but could not find the rest, strange as she seems to kind of suppose what Steven was doing with the money on a daily and hourly basis, but has no idea where the “missing” money had gone. 

We know that there was money frozen by Coingate, BTC12 according to Cheri, so someone somehow managed to find the extra money to make the last 5% payment on the 11/02/2018 and then shut shop with whatever was never going to be spent on members. This payment came from 1BrVZXXzxSh6CAkv7sP2X1yvTTxVhbawPW

Cheri and the crew seem too happily have used the BTC Global Scam Facebook Page and Vivienne Budge as their exit strategy once they became aware that a case had been opened with The Hawks. It is more than likely that a very long coffee break discussion took place on just exactly how urgently they needed to get out of this mess as everything was closing in around them.

It is most noticeable that, other than Cheri Ward, not one of the other Admin stepped out of the shadows to defend Steven or themselves. 

Let’s not forget that Clynton, by his own admission on a call to a member, was in daily contact with Steven. As the man who had “counselled” Steven about the compensation plan, it seems very unlikely he did not know who Steven Twain was. 

Andrew Caw or one of the other admin opened the Coingate wallet (referred to as ‘WE” in the attached screenshot). Despite Cheri telling everyone that Steven had opened this wallet and provided lots of KYC documentation, it is a complete lie.

Importantly, Steven Twain was based in New York and could never have opened the CoinGate wallet. The USA is not one of the countries supported by CoinGate. With that being said, South Africa is supported by CoinGate so either Andrew Caw must have used his company documents had he opened a wallet as a Merchant, or the other option was to open an account as a Trader.

We all know from Cheri that Andrew is a hugely successful bitcoin Trader and thus would only have had to submit a copy of his ID. It is more than likely that CoinGate froze the BTC Global wallet as it came to their attention that it was being used for illegal practices. Unless “Steven” was hiding behind a VPN, he would not have been able to access the wallet from the USA. This was, therefore, an illegal practice in itself.

Electrum offers the option to import a CSV file in order to do bulk payments and there is also the distinct option to use Bech32 a SegWit address format specified by BIP173. This gives the wallet address as “bc1”. Seeing as how it is very unlikely that “Steven” used this wallet, it is more likely that Andrew Caw, the absolute best bitcoin fundi in SA, would have opted for the use of this wallet. Electrum is also one of the wallets recommended by CoinGate, We now know that he was an integral part of BTC Global and not just someone brought in by Cheri to help out.

FYI CoinGate, at the time, did not require any KYC documents to open a merchant account if money is not being deposited or withdrawn in fiat currency by a merchant. Simply put, transferring bitcoin into and out of the wallet, it would have been an unverified account. By the same token, it goes without saying that, if a person opens a wallet, goes through the KYC process even if not required, that person is in fact the owner of the wallet and thus, in this case, was taking the deposits.

It will in time come to light that despite denying that any of the admin took deposits, all the money paid to the CoinGate account was going to the Admin who opened and owned the account. 

Andrew Caw distanced himself from the scam saying he had nothing to do with it.  This is very unlikely considering he hosted the frontend website on SquareSpace, was fundamental in the creation of this appalling site, created the Google spreadsheet to calculate returns and one of two Admin who had the login details to the portal other the programmer. Steven most certainly never accessed the Portal using login details, ghosts just walk through walls.

In addition, it would be interesting to find out who trained Steven to use the Portal, as Cheri alludes to his having access in her message to the programmer. Instinct says he was never trained and never had access to the Portal as, well, he just does not exist.

Let’s focus on some of the glaring mistakes in this explanation of Cheri’s.

Firstly you are shown an Excel spreadsheet entitled Main Precomponent. If you look closely you will see that this sheet has a January sheet right after it. It is odd, to say the least, unless she was swapping the sheets around in her document for some reason. In any event, this main sheet seems to have “MN” numbers on it. This prefix was only created in the actual portal programming, so why are they being used on a sheet that she emphasises was THE sheet used by many to help run Steven’s info PRIOR to going digital?

A little further on, despite the fact that she points out that CoinGate only came into effect after the portal was finished and they had created the account, someone inserted the CoinGate reference number onto the sheet as the amount invested. This, done from an email they received from a non-existent Coingate account at the time…..!!! Her lie is so off the sheet so to speak, she cannot even get the figures right.

(Transcripts from the original video have been edited. YouTube does not understand her accent)

35:17 human error here was a nightmare I’ll

35:19 give you an example, one of our

35:21 administrators went and took the CoinGate

35:24 email, I just want to show it to you

35:26 again took a CoinGate email and used the

35:31 reference

35:32 as the amount instead of the actual

35:36 dollar amount so this person’s profile

35:39 if you can call it as such on this Excel

35:41 spreadsheet was loaded with three

35:43 hundred and forty-one thousand dollars

35:45 as opposed to one hundred and forty five

35:47 thousand dollars we could pick up on the

35:49 mistake because obviously it was a very

35:51 obvious mistake but we knew that we

35:53 needed to make some difference to this

35:55 the system because it wasn’t just it

35:58 just wasn’t working so what I did is I

36:02 spoke to my best friend in the whole

36:03 world his name is Andrew Caw and I’m

36:06 absolutely sick to my stomach

36:08 when I see the accusations that have

36:10 been flying around about Andrew I mean

36:12 this guy is he’s amazing he’s um really

36:16 good at building systems…..

What is priceless during this part of the video is that they were “not paid” to build this portal. Since when would they pay themselves for the development of their own Ponzi website or back office??? Clynton and Russel were the two who approached the IT guy, Byron Dittberner, so it goes without saying that they would pay for the development, but then it would have ONLY been for personal gain.

We all know, in the networking industry in SA, that neither Cheri nor Clynton get involved in any business unless they sit at the top and cream as much as they can.

An educated guess says that they were at the top of this compensation plan and more than likely did not have the same rules apply to them as other members.

So YES they were paid, BUT from the proceeds of the Ponzi.

Of course in her delusional state, Cheri thinks that BTC Global was above board due to the fact that “Steven” was making the payments. Seriously, nothing about payments from a Ponzi makes it “above board”.


Madelyn never came up with anything to substantiate Cheri’s story and the bitcoin wallet used “from February” only had its first transaction in August 2017 as the Portal went live.

On one hand Cheri tells us that she did not get involved at the same time Madelyn did and a few minutes later she’s telling everyone she was not worried about the non payment as she had been “conditioned for a year”… – SO WHICH ONE IS IT – WERE YOU THERE FROM THE START OR NOT???? 

Now let’s look at the story of the bitcoin wallet use by “thousands” of people “before” Cheri was even involved. You know the thousands of leaders who will (but never have) testify to the fact that they paid Steven directly months before the creation of the website and portal.

(Transcripts from the original video have been edited. (YouTube does not understand her accent)

40:30 so um I’ve shown you his original

40:33 Bitcoin address you can go and speak to

40:37 anybody and just follow the trail ask

40:40 your upline to ask their upline to ask

40:42 their upline or their upline to get in

40:44 touch with one of the people that were

40:45 one of the first people that joined with

40:46 BTC global and ask them to show you

40:48 where they’ve got the address to pay

40:50 Steven from and ask them to also

40:53 confirm who gave them confirmation that

40:55 the deposit had been received and these

40:57 people would gladly give you the info

40:59 because I know a lot of people would be

41:02 willing to go hey this is what I paid

41:03 Steven and this is what I got back I

41:05 mean everybody’s been very open about

41:06 this so there are a whole bunch of

It is very clear from the screenshot of this wallet that it was never used before the 15th of August 2017 thus is cannot be the one used by Madelyn or the ‘thousands” of other people prior to the start of the Ponzi via the website. It may be one that was used just as the portal first went live as it has transactions up until December of 2017 and then left untouched until June 2018. Irrespective Cheri Ward is pulling a fast one with this explanation.

Please follow this link to the wallet and you will see exactly when it was used for the first time.


Cheri Ward lies

39.23 drama and let me just say that through

39:25 all of this we were not paid to do this

39:27 this was a natural progression of things 

39:30 if we didn’t do this I mean if we

39:32 carried on running an Excel spreadsheet

39:34 this wouldn’t have lost it because the

39:37 actual information is what what kept

39:39 things running but what keep things

39:41 aboveboard and what kept things growing

39:44 was the fact that Stephen was making

39:45 payments I mean this information is

39:48 absolutely worthless if it’s not being

39:5 set over into payments to the members

Actually this natural progression was always on the cards, it was just a matter of time and the number of people they needed to justify the expense of a programmer. Realistically without the addition of a portal, BTC Global would never have got to where it did. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Of course, she would have everyone believe that building the website and portal was to give Steven time to trade, when in fact it was all designed, built and managed in order for the Ponzi to grow so that the returns promised were able to be met. It is important to remember that EVERY scam has to start somewhere and his crowd simply started it on a spreadsheet. 

Let’s bring BTC Financials in here for a moment. This was supposed to be the very start of BTC Global.

Yes, there was a website, fake and absolute nonsense. Yes, there was the name, Steven Twain, amongst others, on the website as one of the traders, BUT the South African clan were pushing people to send “Steven” money personally.

BTC Financials was supposed to be a company yet Steven was to be paid outside of the company to his own account. This website was taken down, whether by authorities as advertised by the Admin of BTC Global or simply because it was so glaringly obvious that it was fake, it was the predecessor of the BTC Global website.

The question here is…. Was it from this site that the Admin started with the spreadsheet but have never shown the wallet used to pay to or was this the seed that was planted to start this Ponzi up for themselves using a Facebook profile called Steven Twain? 

Steven’s Facebook profile, the second one only came into being at the time that the website was built, August 2017 and the first attempt of a Steven profile was removed by Facebook shortly before the BTC Global website (sans Portal) went live and BTC Financials was unpublished.

Here is the beginning of a conversation on messenger dated 23rd July 2017 with the first version of Steven where he refers to BTC Investment Hub.

BTC Investment Hub

It is assumed that this Investment Hub group was started by Clynton Marks as he owned BTC Investment Hub also known as BTC Global and it seems that BTC Investment Hub was the interim name used by the Admin as they were getting ready to develop BTC These name changes, BTC Financials to BTC Investment Hub to BTC Global all took place between the beginning of July 2017 and the middle of August of the same year.

Byron Dittberner

What do we know?

  • Andrew Caw, Cheri Ward, Clynton Marks or Madelyn Roose used their documents for CoinGate. This unequivocally proves that the Admin controlled the money and took every cent that came into BTC Global. IF YOU OPENED THE WALLET, YOU OWN IT. IF YOU OWN IT, YOU TOOK THE MONEY!
  • There is absolutely no proof of any trading taking place before the  Microsoft Portal was developed or EVER for that matter.
  • Cheri has lied about the bitcoin wallet used prior to the portal/component being implemented.
  • We know the scam started on a spreadsheet and a back office was VERY necessary to ensure that the amount of money coming in could stay ahead of the game.
  • The Ponzi was leveraged off the bitcoin value, a huge mistake made by the best SA bitcoin man.
  • In the absence of any proof of life of “Steven Twain” and thus trading, there is nothing that can possibly prove this was anything other than a Ponzi.
  • Andrew Caw, the best bitcoin Fundi in the country, was an INTEGRAL part of the system. Cheri Ward pointed out, “he’s really good at building systems”, and there is no DOUBT whatsoever that he controlled the purse strings and the portal. He drew up the original spreadsheet used by members to calculate their investments, he edited the PowerPoint presentation and took part in the presentations held at Solid Rock Church.
  • Andrew Caw hosted the front end of the website on SquareSpace which is the same place he hosted BitcawTrading. The portal was hosted by Microsoft. The email account for the website was set up here in South Africa as Steven Twain but clearly NOT “Steven Twain”.
  • Cheri Ward was the face of this scam and thus is responsible for recruiting, leading and in turn the loss that people endured. The first into the compensation plan are the drivers!
  • Vivienne Budge was a scapegoat used by Cheri Ward to deflect attention away from herself and 
  • Cheri Ward, publicly, on this video defames Vivienne and alludes to her many Fake profiles. She has NEVER given ANY proof of ANY fake profiles used by ANYONE, let alone the many she accused Vivienne of using. 
  • BTC Global was nothing more than an illegal Ponzi investment scheme created, administered and driven by the 5 people named in this blog.
Byron Dittberner
Byron Dittberner

We have seen some of the glaring problems here. Attempting to point out all the flaws in this story would take pages and pages of blog.

As this Ponzi is under investigation by The Hawks here in South Africa hopefully all the Admin, the Programmer and the big recruiters are held accountable and brought to book, as they are in other countries.


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