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Well known Ponzi creator and marketer, renowned for BTC Global
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Cheri Ward

The many faces of #Dubalion, #bitcoinchick, #cashcow aka The Ponzi Queen and Ponzi Princess

Cheri Ward

“Network” Marketing Career


Cheri Ward now Marks started her career in Network Marketing in Syntek selling a fuel additive. She progressed to sell another of their products, AlureVe, a skincare range. Somewhere along the way she became dissatisfied and decided to leave the company. Her pledge on leaving was that she would destroy the business on the way out as well as the reputation of the man who held the rights within South Africa. 

ProTravel Plus PTP

Cheri Ward Marks moved on to ProTravel Plus, an MLM business selling discounted holidays and accommodation. There were all sorts of issues surrounding Cheri and money that was supposed to have been paid to the USA for memberships.  In 2016 Joseph Otis came to South Africa in an attempt to sort out the mess created by Cheri. There was a large amount of money unaccounted for by Cheri, which very likely ended up in the redecorating of the house purchased by Cheri and Clynton. Needless to say, ProTravel Plus failed and was closed. Joseph Otis and Joel Santiago then opened a company Volishon. Following the Protravel Plus saga (read her “PTP Truth Blog” Otis and Santiago did not invite Cheri and Clynton to join Volishon. In fact, Joseph Otis retained the services of an Attorney in South Africa in an attempt to recoup the “missing” funds.


Cheri Ward

MMM, My Daily Choice, Karatbars, Copy Profit Success Global

Following the demise of PTP, Cheri and Clynton formed Team on Fire, a multi-network promotional platform. This brought weekly meetings and presentations to recruit people into all the networks. Attendance required filling in a form, which lead to automatic enrollment onto the platforms being punted at the meetings and all in the Marks/Ward teams, irrespective of whether a prospect wanted to join or not or whether they were in fact introduced by someone else.

All of the platforms that have been marketed by Team On Fire have failed, with the exception of My Daily Choice. MDC in South Africa was under the leadership/management of Clynton and Cheri but was subsequently taken away from them by the owner around the time of BTC Global.



– Andrew Caw, being an integral part of Cheri’s networking circle collaborated with Cheri and Clynton to manipulate the MMM system. In short, these Guiders placed adverts on Gumtree for jobs. Candidates had to reply sending their CV, ID, and contact details. Profiles were created in MMM using the details however, the Cell numbers used were burner SIMS purchased by them. They then loaded Give Helps of R100 000 on these profiles a few days apart. At the time it was taking around 30 days before the amounts had to be paid. They would request a “Get Help” on an account a few days before they would have to pay. ar30% per month, they took the R130000, pocketed the profit and then paid the R100000 back into the system. This occurred every few days, never taking their own money more than once. They made millions out of MMM while unsuspecting members kept paying them in the system. This kind of behaviour contributed to the quick demise of MMM which lasted approximately 9 months. As Guiders, they also knew that the shorter the timeframe between “Give Help” and actually paying the closer the system was Restart.


Copy Profit Success Global

Cheri joined Joel Santiago in this endeavor, short-lived and directly before she got involved in BTC Global, and dragged her Americans and South Africans along with her.



Cheri took control of BTC Global as she always does. Was the marketing and admin manager for this scam.

You will find in-depth information on BTC Global in 4 parts on our BLOG

Her experience in BTCG gave her the foundation to collaborate with Johan, Clynton, and Co to create MTI Mirror Trading International, supposedly to be a more legit-looking way to rip off Bitcoin from unsuspecting people.



Once again Cheri steamed her way in as the Marketing arm of MTI, always up-front and in it to win it.

Right from the outset they made fundamental mistakes, from the registering of the company and shareholders to their attempt to fool the FSCA.

They set this scam up as carefully as they could, however, scammers always make mistakes.

The original domain which was the domain belonged to Clynton Marks. It was his referral link on that website. The company was registered with directors Johan Steynberg and Coenraad Rademan. Of course, a legally registered business in no way implies the actual business operation is legal. It’s a misconception created by Ponzi owners, a red herring if you will. Anyway, the physical address was the same address at which Cheri and Clynton held their recruitment meetings for years, as well as having an office at that address. 

Cheri had a company registered in her name with a partner called Lindi Rademan. Yes, she’s married to Coenrad.

They all lived in Roodepoort other than Johan Steynberg who lived in Polokwane with his company registered at Cheri and Clynton’s business address. 

The Facebook page created when MTI started had Clynton’s cell number as the contact number for the page. 

Clynton was the first to market MTI. Cheri claimed she didn’t join until months after Clynton, yet there is an account created in her name very early on in the platform. Cheri easily took up the position of Marketing Manager for MTI, strange for someone who professed not to be into network marketing after the BTC Global fiasco.

Cheri then proceeded to post many videos regarding her visit to the FSCA with Johan to attempt to prove that MTI was, in fact, trading.

Obviously, this turned out to be false as the scam came crashing down in December of 2020 when Johan made a sudden departure to Brazil not to be heard from or about until January of 2023.

MTI went into provisional Liquidation on the 29th of December 2020 and has been through final liquidation and court cases which have declared the business illegal.

Once again Cheri finds herself in the mix of an illegal Bitcoin business.




  1. Charles Ponzi

    Why is there no details of her involvement in BTCG & MTI?

    • buster008

      You will find more info on BTC Global / MTI in the Blog Posts


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