Eric Worre distances himself as OmegaPro Ponzi collapses


BEHIND MLM Published 24th November 2022

OmegaPro is collapsing and the scumbags that ran, promoted and enabled the Ponzi scheme are abandoning ship.

Back in May 2022 MLM veteran Eric Worre joined OmegaPro corporate as Official Strategic Coach. Now that there’s no more money to steal, Worre is distancing himself from the fast-collapsing Ponzi.

Worre claims he was prompted to record a video after “friends” contacted him, purportedly alarmed at his OmegaPro ties.


In the video, uploaded earlier today, Worre doesn’t address OmegaPro by name. He instead only addresses the Ponzi elephant in the room as “a company out of Dubai”.

Worre goes on to admit that when he joins an MLM company;

[1:23] “the people in that company tend to over exaggerate my level of involvement as some sort of a strategic advantage in their recruiting efforts.”

Knowing full well his involvement in OmegaPro would help market the Ponzi scheme, Worre signed on anyway for an undisclosed sum of money. Money, which ultimately was stolen from OmegaPro investors through financial fraud.


Despite obviously profiting from the ongoing “success” of OmegaPro defrauding consumers, Worre falsely claims he doesn’t “benefit” from OmegaPro using his image to recruit victims.

[2:42] My involvement in this profession is to serve this profession.

I don’t pick winners and losers. I don’t suggest people pick companies, what companies that they’re going to pick. I don’t push people in one direction or another.

And I certainly don’t benefit from any of that push, in one direction or another.

While the terms of the contract between OmegaPro and Worre are private, his corporate paycheck literally hinges on ongoing recruitment of new victims.


For those unfamiliar with OmegaPro, it’s a simple 200% ROI MLM Ponzi scheme launched in 2019. Originally promising to pay out over 16 months, BehindMLM understands OmegaPro recently changed the terms to 24 months.

This change was abruptly announced and applied retrospectively to all OmegaPro affiliate investment positions.

Before Worre accepted a corporate position with the Ponzi scheme earlier this year, OmegaPro had received regulatory fraud warnings from France, Belgium, Congo Republic (multiple arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), MauritiusArgentinaColombiaPeruChile and Nicaragua.

On LinkedIn, Worre claims he’s

 the world’s most watched and most trusted resource for Network Marketing training and support.

On his “Network Marketing Pro” website, Worre additionally claims;

For over a decade, Network Marketing Pro has been raising the standard of the Network Marketing profession.

A bio on the site states Worre

has been a leader in the Network Marketing Profession for over 25 years.

He’s been a top field producer, building sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries (and) the President of a $200 million dollar Network Marketing company.

There is absolutely no way Eric Worre didn’t know OmegaPro was a Ponzi scheme. He signed up for corporate to help promote it anyway, because money.

Just shy of two weeks ago, BehindMLM covered OmegaPro’s initiation of an XPL token exit-scam.

Things have continued to escalate since then, with OmegaPro disabling withdrawals about a week ago. Affiliate investors have also been unable to access their backoffice for most of this week.

BehindMLM isn’t quite ready to call OmegaPro’s collapse, but we are monitoring developments.

Having been around since 2019, OmegaPro’s Ponzi scheme has likely defrauded consumers well into the hundreds of millions – if not over a billion or two.

BehindMLM also understand Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome are copping heat over their relentless promotion of OmegaPro and other obvious MLM Ponzi schemes.

Since OmegaPro disabled withdrawals, posts on Nuyten’s FaceBook page are laced with a hint of frustration:

One BusinessForHome reader answered Nuyten’s “Why do you publish about company XYZ? It is a scam!” question;

I feel I owe you an honest answer to this: because they PAY, no matter what kind of scam they are.

To which Nuyten replied;

We can not substain [sic] a premium website without a business model.

In Business For Home millions are invested in software, traveling to countries, interviews with CEO, and others.

BehindMLM has covered BusinessForHome’s “pay for content” business model in the past.

In what is likely a a violation of the FTC Act, BusinessForHome does not disclose when content appears on the website through a financial arrangement.

Getting back to Eric Worre, while OmegaPro is run by scammers in Dubai and, at least officially, US investors are blocked, Worre is a US national living in Arizona.

While it’s certainly his most visible transition to association with financial fraud, OmegaPro isn’t Worre’s first MLM crypto Ponzi.


In May 2021 Worre spoke at another Ponzi event, this time for GSPartners – another MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

It remains unclear whether US authorities are investigating OmegaPro and Worre’s involvement.

BehindMLM expects to call OmegaPro’s collapse this weekend if withdrawals remain disabled.


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